la Belle au Bain

Katherine is the blogger behind la Belle au Bain. She reviews indie bath products and indie perfumes. She posts short thoughts on Instagram and full reviews on Tumblr.

What’s Cool About This Blog?

la Belle au Bain reviews have a down to earth yet lyrical quality and include convenient links to the brands being reviewed.

Brands Most Often Featured

  • Arcana Wildcraft
  • Future Primitive Soap Co
  • Moonalisa
  • Mystic Music Soaps
  • Paintbox Soapworks

Favourite Perfumes

Arcana Wildcraft: Cascadian Mermaid, Marshmallows Scatter, and Timberline

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Yvaine

Other Favourites

Season: Spring

Time of Day: Dawn

Book: The Brothers Karamazov

Song: “The Fall”-Rhye

Food: Tom Kha

TV Show: The Great British Baking Show

Harry Potter Character: Luna Lovegood

Colours: powder blue, spring green, and gold

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