Yuzu’s Vanity

Liz is the blogger behind Yuzu’s Vanity. She reviews indie perfumes, skincare, and makeup. She posts short thoughts and makeup looks on Instagram, and full reviews on Blogspot.

What’s Cool About This Blog?

Their perfume reviews are comprehensive and well organized. Reviews include scent notes, wet, dried down, and who it is perfect for.

Amongst the reviews Liz also writes astute pieces about a range of beauty focused topics. These pieces are a pleasant mix of informative and observational. They tackle subjects such as influencers, international shipping, and controversial brands.

Brands Most Often Featured

  • Poesie Perfume
  • Sucreabeille
  • Nui Cobalt Designs
  • Luvmilk

Favourite Perfumes

Poesie Perfume – Madar

Luvmilk – Magical Girl

Solstice Scents – Blackburn’s Parlor

Sixteen92 – Yellow Cake Batter

Hexennacht – Wouldst Thou Like The Taste Of Butter?

Other Favourites

Season: Autumn  

Book: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern  

Colours: pastels and warm tones!  

Foods: Italian and Japanese 

Ice Cream: Matcha or yogurt  

Character: Inosuke (from Kimetsu no Yaiba)  

Musical: Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812  

TV Show: Taskmaster  

Anime: Shin Sekai Yori  

Hobby: outside of blogging – definitely writing and painting 

Check It Out!

Find Yuzu’s Vanity on Instagram @yuzusvanity

Or on Blogspot as yuzusvanity.blogspot.com

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