Under The Rose

Lizzie is the blogger behind Under The Rose. She reviews indie perfumes, seamlessly weaving in historical context. You can find these reviews on her WordPress blog.

What’s Cool About This Blog?

Under The Rose reviews are well researched. They don’t only describe scent impressions, but take you on a journey through the rich history of perfumery.

Brands Most Often Featured

  • Alkemia
  • Deconstructing Eden

Favourite Indie Perfumes

Alkemia – The Golden Bough

Alkemia – Kamavasya

Alkemia – Ambre Extrait

Alkemia – Ambre d’Automne

Deconstructing Eden – Eglantine House

Deconstructing Eden – Naamah

Deconstructing Eden – September Sun

Favourites Mainstream Perfumes

Ourzazate – Comme Des Garcons

Ombre Leather 16 – Tom Ford

Terre de Sarment – Frapin

Other Favourites

Animal: Hummingbird

D&D Class: Barbarian

Video Game: Wild Arms

Season: Autumn

Ice Cream: Clove

Colour: Salmon pink

Book: Black Unicorn by Tanith Lee

Food: Carnitas street tacos

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