Amber Crush

Brand: Alchemic Muse

Scent Description: A purely indulgent and deeply sensual treat! Precious golden amber resins crushed together with dark patchouli and sweetened with a veil of bourbon vanilla.

3 thoughts on “Amber Crush”

  1. It’s pure amber and bourbon, but somehow very light and not super rich. It’s nice, but it reminds me more of a Bath and Body Works type scent.

  2. Amber is not usually a favorite note for me it can be a bit nauseating. This is tested from a sample & at first I was ready to consign it to another amber I don’t like. But as the vanilla starts coming through & blending with the amber I find myself enjoying it. Patchouli again I find muted in it, moderate performance & longevity on skin about 8 hours. Not sure it’s full bottle worthy yet for me but I’ll use up my sample & then decide.

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