Cloud Nine

Brand: Alchemic Muse

Scent Description: An ethereal clean and creamy white floral blend with billowing white blossoms of Victorian lilacs with wisps of sweet jasmine, white rose, white violet and cherry heliotrope. Floating beneath is a thick layer of fresh cream raining onto a bed of white raspberries.

2 thoughts on “Cloud Nine”

  1. Soft beautiful lilac with something creamy underneath. The heliotrope I think is giving me a soft white chocolate-like veil over it all. It’s much more complex than I can describe and simply gorgeous. As a lilac perfume lover, this holds a very special place in my growing collection.

  2. If you like lilac scents, you’ll probably find this one to be heavenly, like I do. The lilacs are front and center and seem to be enhanced by what could be the heliotrope and possibly some violet, maybe a little raspberry in there. Very much a gorgeous purple floral, and very nostalgic of Springtime. I find it to be uplifting and calming at once.

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