Orange Blossom Tea

Brand: Alchemic Muse

Scent Description: An exquisite, sultry scented blend of orange blossom petals with bergamot, muguet lily, and fresh green notes over a heart of robust black tea accented by a sheer, earthy base of oak, sweet hay, and light musk.

2 thoughts on “Orange Blossom Tea”

  1. Super realistic orange blossom and tea scent. It’s gorgeous. The orange blossom is crisp, bright and has a realistic bitter green edge. The tea smells like a honeyed black tea. Though I can pick out both orange blossom and tea notes, they blend really well and are in perfect harmony. It’s warm, juicy and elegant smelling.

  2. Woody floral, the brightness of the bergamot and orange blossom softened and warmed by the oak and a sun-warm hay note. I do get the tea note too, but find it a bit subtle. I’m really liking this one.

    I’ve only tried this in the hair mist.

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