Beach Bonfire

Brand: Alchemic Muse

Scent Description: Dried, wind-blown leaves, charred cedar, smoky sandalwood, and golden amber sand with hints of roasted marshmallows, dark chocolate, coconut shavings and soft vanilla.

Released: Summer Lovin’ Collection

3 thoughts on “Beach Bonfire”

  1. Super interesting. I can definitely smell the chocolate and coconut with a little bit of smoky sandalwood. It’s a gentle smoke, not a headache-inducing kind of scent. It’s a little sweet and a little smoky, which is actually pretty. Sniffing hours later, I definitely get the ‘golden amber sand’ – It is incredibly sweet and almost candy-like, so much so that it almost smells like cotton candy. That + the soft vanilla are the only things I really smell after it’s been on for awhile.

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