Brand: Alchemic Muse

Scent Description: The sound of distant drums complement this lush and exotic blend of dark Madagascar vanilla bean extract with delicate floral undertones of vanilla orchids and a sensual background of amber and crushed cocoa pods.

6 thoughts on “Voodoo”

  1. I’ve smelled it before. It’s reminds me of cocoa butter lotion. Not a bad thing, but not enough for me to come back. I’m sad because I wanted to love this shop.

  2. This is really beautiful and creates a cloud of well-blended goodness that is both sweet but a little sophisticated. I’m getting better at identifying individual vanillas and could immediately pick this one out as Madagascar vanilla; it has that buttery richness to it. The cocoa is probably what I smelled first, though it’s more creamy and rich than foody. I don’t smell anything floral specifically, but there is the slightest sweet powder smell lingering in the background. The amber is not identifiable on its own but adds another layer of depth and richness. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really last longer than a few hours, though I did get multiple compliments in that time.

  3. I find this one an intensely sweet, deep, plush vanilla. I don’t get any floral or chocolate components to it.

    1. After a year of aging (the hair mist formula):

      When I first got this over a year ago I found the scent too overwhelming even with just one spray. I’m not sure if it has chilled out or if I’ve just become a bit anosmic to it, but it’s mild even with half a dozen sprays now.

      The scent is a creamy-powdery vanilla, not candy-like but definitely warm sort of has a seductive vibe despite being somewhat gourmand. I don’t really smell a flowery aspect to this at all despite the vanilla orchid, but maybe that’s helping keep it from veering into candy territory along with the amber. I’m not big into vanilla so I won’t repurchase but I’m halfway through this.

  4. This is mostly sweet orchids with a tinge of chocolate. It’s incredibly pleasant, and easy to wear, and I always get compliments on it!

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