Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description:Β A delightful anachronism of French lavender buds, mandarin peel, lime leaves, bergamot, bay leaves, coriander, clove, nutmeg, ginger flower, pink pepper, elegant white carnations, heirloom tree rose, opium tar accord, and woody amber resin nestled in an embrace of precious oriental incense woods.

2 thoughts on “1891”

  1. This review is for the πŸ”΅2022 July Tidal Alchemy.πŸ”΅

    Notes: saltwater splashed linen, summer Sun, ozone clouds, blue skies, fresh green coconut water and the zest of lemongrass

    This is in the same wheelhouse as 2021 July Ocean Alchemy but minus the floral note. 2022 is a clean aquatic scent that reminds me of freshly laundered sheets that hung up outside to dry in the sun and the breeze of the nearby sea. This isn’t the type of scent that I usually gravitate towards but I do like it.
    This review is for 🟣2021 July Ocean Alchemy🟣

    Notes: gentle oceanic breezes, clean sun bleached cotton, dry seaweed, wet sand, flowering freesia and a touch of Kaizuka juniper.

    2021 is another clean yet aquatic scent. Compared to this year’s 2022 July alchemy, this version is more of a perfumed floral on my skin. I’d call it a fancy feminine kind of laundry soap/dryer sheet type of scent. I enjoy both perfume oils but I prefer the 2022 alchemy as I’m not getting anything floral but, that’s just my personal preference.
    This review is for 🟒2021 February Love and Luck Alchemy🟒

    Notes: candied lotus root, sweet ginger, dried apricots, jackfruit, Madagascar vanilla beans, sugarcane, jasmine tea and good fortune cookies.

    Yum, this is one of those scents where the sun is so much better than it’s parts. It’s blended quite seamlessly and it’s very difficult to pick out the individual notes. I’m getting a lovely almond note that I think is supposed to be part of the fortune cookie aspect. It’s a delicious gourmand leaning scent.
    This review is for πŸ”΄2021 April Cherry Blossom AlchemyπŸ”΄

    Notes: cherry blossoms, Sakura tea, delicate floral musk and warm cherry wood.

    This smells like B&BW’s Japanese Cherry Blossom except it’s a thousand times better. If you were ever on the JCB bandwagon then you will most definitely dig this scent. Usually I’m not big into florals but Sharra has won me (and my nose) over time and time again. It’s strong enough to hold up for several hours on my scent eating skin yet it’s in no way cloying. And most importantly, it doesn’t kick up my allergies or send me into a sneezing jag the way so many florals usually do. Brava!
    This review is for 🟠2021 May Spring Alchemy🟠

    Notes: white freesia, delicate lily, spicy dianthus, blue wisteria, breezy musks and fae floral aldehydes.

    This is a gorgeous spring floral perfume oil. Unfortunately there’s something in this blend that makes me sneeze nonstop and my eyes tear up. I ended up using this around my house and vehicle on some cotton balls. I can tolerate smelling it throughout my home but I can’t get away with wearing it on my body without kicking up my allergies. Eh, I’m not too upset. While this is a nice floral it’s not my usual jam anyway.

  2. I get a pretty strong combo of incense and citrus. It’s wearable in an office with a light hand but definitely leans a little hippy dippy/Earth Mother.

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