Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A delightful anachronism of French lavender buds, mandarin peel, lime leaves, bergamot, bay leaves, coriander, clove, nutmeg, ginger flower, pink pepper, elegant white carnations, heirloom tree rose, opium tar accord, and woody amber resin nestled in an embrace of precious oriental incense woods.

9 thoughts on “1891”

  1. This review is for 🍑The Dangerous Peach🍑

    Notes: freshly picked ripe peaches, pear blossoms, peach wood, orris root and musk mallow.

    The Dangerous Peach reminds me a bit of Hexennacht’s Mossy Peach…with floral overtones and no moss. Alkemia is about the only brand that puts out floral perfumes that I enjoy. Most floral scents seem to kick up my allergies, make my nose run and my eyes water. That never happens with The Dangerous Peach. Hex’s MP has fresh and green aspects while Alkemia’s TDP is a sweet fruity floral. In TDP, sometimes I swear I get a whiff of peach gummy rings but then it’s gone before I can be certain. I really enjoy the balance of the fruit and the floral in this perfume oil.

  2. This review is for 🟣Amber Witch🟣

    Notes: aged dark Arabian amber, honey musk, creamy bourbon caramels, spiced rum.

    I was worried about having a reaction to the spices in this but it’s all good. The spices make Amber Witch for me. And I’m happy that the aged dark Arabian amber works on my skin. Ambers and my skin chemistry have a rocky history at best. Luckily Amber Witch never goes to “doom powder” on my skin. Something in this (I believe the amber) has a sweet almost cola tinged edge to it that really works in this blend. I’m not getting anything boozy from the spiced rum or bourbon caramels. On me, Amber Witch is all dark sweet cola tinged amber accompanied by spices and an undercurrent of honey.

  3. This review is for 🟠Kitten and the Falling Leaves🟠

    Notes: soft sleek fur romping through dried oak, beech and maple leaves on a crisp Autumn day.

    Immediately on my skin I’m getting the impression of honey. It reminds me of a creamed honey body wash I used years ago. The name escapes me but the smell is dead on. I’m not sure what notes are mixing in KatFL to give off this impression but that’s what I get. 5 hours later and the smell is unchanged on my skin.

    1. So I’ve read that depending where a woman is in her monthly cycle, hormones and such can potentially change the way a scent smells on the skin. I don’t know if that’s true. I do know that hormones can be a real bitch and I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve never payed attention to this but maybe that’s what is behind this smelling like creamed honey on my skin. For myself I believe that a scent either works with my chemistry or it does not. Out of curiosity I’m going to test this theory when my curse has passed and see if anything changes. From the description of KatFL I thought that this scent would be more on the atmospheric side. I don’t know why I get honey. This perfume oil lasted awhile on me, around 8 hours. I feel like this isn’t a perfume oil that you should slather on (which I normally do) as it would be too cloying. The only reason I took it easy upon application was fear of an allergic reaction. The description doesn’t give you all of the notes. I’m a sensitive soul and had to proceed with caution. I hope others review Kitten and the Falling Leaves. I’m super interested to read how this smells to others. ***If I don’t add on to this review, then nothing has changed***

      1. ▪️▪️▪️So the notes listed above are correct for 🟠Kitten and the Falling Leaves but I reviewed the wrong scent!▪️▪️▪️

        I was actually wearing 🦌Ghosts of Dear Temptations🦌 which is the scent that smells like creamed honey on my skin. I guess this is how the night blooming rajanigandha jives with my chemistry? It’s strange, nothing floral just that mysterious honey note.

        🟠 Kitten and the Falling Leaves smells very atmospheric and I do indeed get the impression of dedicating leaves in the Fall. It sort of reminds me of Solstice Scents Foxcroft minus the soil/dirt and chimney smoke notes. KatFL seems to have a fuzzy body musk or some kind of white/silver amber note in it. This mystery note reminds me of something in Hexennacht’s Loup Garou or Le Chat Noir. Again, there are similarities but they are not the same.

        🦌Notes for Ghosts of Dear Temptations🦌: creamy white musks, whispers of tonka and night blooming rajanigandha (aka tuberose).

  4. This review is for 🔴Venym🔴

    Notes: black roses, saffron infused oud, neroli, bergamot, star jasmine, black vanilla, limoo amani, Darjeeling tea, dark aged patchouli, ebony wood, opium and black amber.

    Venym was one of the vials included in the Autumn Sampler that I purchased at Alkemia. Once again, Sharra is an absolute genius when it comes to the blending of fragrance notes. I saw rose in this and figured right away that I wouldn’t like this but I was so wrong. I usually amp anything rose but that didn’t happen with Venym. Maybe black roses are more subdued? And if anybody else besides me wondered what in the world linoo amani is, it’s dried limes that are used in Persian cuisine. This is such an exceptionally blended scent. The sum is so much more than it’s parts in this gem. I actually expected this to be a much darker scent than it turned out to be on my skin. In the beginning of wear time there was a note that reminded me of a classy laundry detergent or dryer sheet. No idea where that’s coming from. This is another scent from Alkemia that’s hard for me to put into words. All I can say is the longer this wears on my skin, the more I like Venym. Now I’m curious to try more Alkemia scents that contain black rose.

  5. This is super citrus-y on me, although I do get a slight whiff of lavender in the dry-down. I get very little incense and florals, but the woods provide a subtle and nice base. I really enjoy this perfume, it’s really bright and citrus-y like I said, the main citrus I can detect is the mandarin.

  6. This review is for the 🔵2022 July Tidal Alchemy.🔵

    Notes: saltwater splashed linen, summer Sun, ozone clouds, blue skies, fresh green coconut water and the zest of lemongrass

    This is in the same wheelhouse as 2021 July Ocean Alchemy but minus the floral note. 2022 is a clean aquatic scent that reminds me of freshly laundered sheets that hung up outside to dry in the sun and the breeze of the nearby sea. This isn’t the type of scent that I usually gravitate towards but I do like it.
    This review is for 🟣2021 July Ocean Alchemy🟣

    Notes: gentle oceanic breezes, clean sun bleached cotton, dry seaweed, wet sand, flowering freesia and a touch of Kaizuka juniper.

    2021 is another clean yet aquatic scent. Compared to this year’s 2022 July alchemy, this version is more of a perfumed floral on my skin. I’d call it a fancy feminine kind of laundry soap/dryer sheet type of scent. I enjoy both perfume oils but I prefer the 2022 alchemy as I’m not getting anything floral but, that’s just my personal preference.
    This review is for 🟢2021 February Love and Luck Alchemy🟢

    Notes: candied lotus root, sweet ginger, dried apricots, jackfruit, Madagascar vanilla beans, sugarcane, jasmine tea and good fortune cookies.

    Yum, this is one of those scents where the sun is so much better than it’s parts. It’s blended quite seamlessly and it’s very difficult to pick out the individual notes. I’m getting a lovely almond note that I think is supposed to be part of the fortune cookie aspect. It’s a delicious gourmand leaning scent.
    This review is for 🔴2021 April Cherry Blossom Alchemy🔴

    Notes: cherry blossoms, Sakura tea, delicate floral musk and warm cherry wood.

    This smells like B&BW’s Japanese Cherry Blossom except it’s a thousand times better. If you were ever on the JCB bandwagon then you will most definitely dig this scent. Usually I’m not big into florals but Sharra has won me (and my nose) over time and time again. It’s strong enough to hold up for several hours on my scent eating skin yet it’s in no way cloying. And most importantly, it doesn’t kick up my allergies or send me into a sneezing jag the way so many florals usually do. Brava!
    This review is for 🟠2021 May Spring Alchemy🟠

    Notes: white freesia, delicate lily, spicy dianthus, blue wisteria, breezy musks and fae floral aldehydes.

    This is a gorgeous spring floral perfume oil. Unfortunately there’s something in this blend that makes me sneeze nonstop and my eyes tear up. I ended up using this around my house and vehicle on some cotton balls. I can tolerate smelling it throughout my home but I can’t get away with wearing it on my body without kicking up my allergies. Eh, I’m not too upset. While this is a nice floral it’s not my usual jam anyway.

  7. I get a pretty strong combo of incense and citrus. It’s wearable in an office with a light hand but definitely leans a little hippy dippy/Earth Mother.

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