A Darkness Burning

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Spiced incense, brown sugar, Bourbon vanilla, benzoin, guaiac wood, cinnamon bark, clove, charred oak, and ginger musk.

3 thoughts on “A Darkness Burning”

  1. A nice, soft blend of spices on a background of vanilla. It’s not quite the spice explosion I was hoping for, and it went powdery on me after a while, but it’s nice.

  2. Spiced like a cinnamon broom, but a little musty. Reminds me of dark woods in the fall, and would be an excellent candle or room scent.

  3. Like liquid, golden light pouring through stained glass. Has the same awesome ginger note that is in Lucky 13. I have the ultime. At that strength, excellent projection and longevity

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