Come to Me

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Come to Me Oil is a hoodoo conjure recipe of botanical and mineral elements designed to attract the attention and romantic interests of someone you want to bring closer to you. Some people use Come to Me oil to invite the universe to attract a new (unknown) lover or to help reinvigorate a relationship that’s gone a little stale.

7 thoughts on “Come to Me”

  1. I agree with Astrogeeks. When I first received my bottle in the mail and gave it a sniff, I couldn’t smell a thing. Fast forward a few weeks and things have changed. I can smell the jasmine and a sweet note from the bottle now. On my skin I immediately pick up on the jasmine, sweet vanilla and rose. Something in this is coming across as soapy on me and I believe it’s the jasmine. It’s giving me a vibe of laundry detergent or dryer sheets…clean and soapy. It’s hard to describe. Come To Me is clean yet sweet yet perfumed, a wonderful combination of all three where the sum is so much greater than it’s parts. There’s something that’s almost but not quite powdery about this scent. The notes that I’ve found on this states it has candied rose petals, star jasmine, Mexican vanilla, cashmeran, white amber and sugar musk. I can pick up on the first three of them and on the cashmeran and white amber later in the dry down. I like this now but I bet it will be even better and more complex with age. That’s been my experience with the majority of Alkemia oils. I’m at around the 6 hour mark and I can still smell this on me, although I have to put my nose up to my skin now to detect anything. That’s pretty good for my record of my skin gobbling up scents. Also, when I say something in this is sweet, I wouldn’t call it a gourmand sweetness by any means. I was really worried about amping the rose in CTM but I had no problems. The rose petal note stays sedated in the background. I don’t have the greatest track record with florals, such as jasmine and rose, yet Sharra’s floral blends continue to blow me away. They just work with my skin chemistry. Come To Me was a blind buy based on the history of her florals smelling fabulous on me. It definitely worked out.

  2. Warm and sweet. A delicate musky floral. On the whole though, I mainly smell patchouli, which isn’t actually listed in the notes but is definitely present. A slightly confused patchouli that seems to want to do everything at once. I know this one is popular but I wasn’t a fan.

  3. A very beautiful, nearly delectable, soft sweet floral.
    Would have loved this to work with my skin but alas, this one was short lived on my skin. Definetly worth a try for anyone who likes sweet florals though!

  4. Started off as a softer version of Alien, but the vanilla and candied rose takes over. It’s a soft, creamy, powdery scent. I love jasmine and vanilla paired together.

    Lasts so long and the sillage is great for such a soft scent. Very alluring. This is one of Alkemias perfume oils that are closer to mainstream fragrances, it reminds me of the drydown of Crystal Noir. This is perfect for any occasion.


  5. Probably my favorite out of the bunch! It was kind of odd because it didn’t have a smell out of the bottle at first and then morphed into something amazing.. even my husband said I smelled good, and usually I’m like hey smell. Someone described this from another review as Alien with sweet tarts, I can see that.. it’s like BS Fantasy.. hella better! Kinda sweet but works with your skin. Just yummy..

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