Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A tropical summer night of sultry jasmine, plumeria flowers, vanilla orchid, sweet coconut musk, with an audacious flirtation of green banana

4 thoughts on “Paradisiaca”

  1. I tried the Ultime version!
    Wet: green banana meets sweet flower, green dominant with slight sharpness – is that the jasmin?
    Drydown: Sharpness fades. Turns into a very pleasant creamy floral with coconut and a little bit of green banana, Good sillage, Long lasting
    Definitely a very interesting scent!

  2. I have seen a handful of rave reviews for Paradisiaca for being luscious, creamy, and beautiful, the first time I sniffed it I went, “Oh, ew.” When I first sniffed this it had an overwhelming stank. It was a humid, tropical-ish, B.O. It was not a floral creamy green banana on me, unless by that you mean sweaty banana hammock. I’ve let it rest since I got it, and it smelled less terrible first time I tried it, but I’ve gotten the impression that for me, banana notes are a bit…funky. If bananas are actually great for you, then this nicely captures the tropical floral atmosphere described here. Otherwise I have learned I truly do not like banana.

  3. Flowers, coconut musk, and maybe a green banana thrown in there to round it out.. bought a full size of this.. I’m gonna have to let it age for awhile.. so it does get to a vintage scent.. it was pretty simple.

  4. Paradisiaca is very much a close relative of Vanille Tropicale, which is mostly vanilla and coconut, but the coconut is stronger in Paradisiaca than in VT. Paradisiaca has a strong banana note, that smells a little more banana-y and a little less ylang-y but it is still quite similar to ylang essential oil and not like yellow laffy-taffy. That said, it’s definitely not like any green banana I’ve ever had. The jasmine here is absolutely stunning and beautiful and heady. I love it. It smells very true-to-life and has a hint of the greenish-indoleish scent real jasmine flowers have. If ‘indole’ scares you, don’t worry- this does not smell skanky or vintage! Paradisiaca is gorgeous, and will certainly get upgraded.

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