4 thoughts on “All the Sins”

  1. This was a sample that Alkemia included in my order and I had no idea what the notes were upon application. On my skin this is cotton candy and perhaps some kind of vanilla and something else sweet in the background. After reading the individual notes I can pick out the red licorice and candy floss. It’s very well blended gourmand. This reads as cotton candy on me with other sweet notes popping up and disappearing into the cotton candy again. In the end stage I can really smell the vanilla musk at the forefront on me. I find myself liking this although I don’t think I’d purchase a FS bottle…this is one of those gourmand scents that makes me hungry for sweets and I try and keep away from smells that trigger my appetite. Lol, the name All The Sweets is certainly a fitting name for this perfume oil.

  2. This one is everything I wanted Calliope to be but sadly it went kinda sour and pissy on me. Fluffy Cotton candy and licorice, it’s sweet and strong and long lasting (I bought the ultime version) All The Sins is kinda like a softer fluffier version of Trick or Treat. Love it!

  3. This is…well. Look, I really do like some ultra-sugary scents. I find Alkemia’s Calliope and County Fair extremely wearable for everywhere, including work. Howmstever, this has crossed my rubicon. It starts off with a tooth-achingly sweet candy corn, but then it develops into a full on candy shop.

    Who can make the sunrise? Sprinkle it with dew? The candyman can! Caramel peeps in as a touch of that buttery-salt note, but it’s straight up taffy, and while they call it candy floss (same as cotton candy) it’s more like one of those swirly lollipops that looks a little phallic? The kind on a stick, where you think it’s going to be amazing, but then you lick it a few times and realize, oh no. oh no. this is….too much, i’m only a mere mortal. it smells like the freshly licked spot of one of those lollipops that gets fruitier and fruitier as you go on with that artificial sugary melange, next to the glass display case of fancy caramels and the jars of other fancies.

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