Ambre Extrait

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Our aged amber accord is an exquisitely sultry blend of some of the most precious and spiritually redolent resins in our collection including: North African Rock Rose, Cambodian Agarwood, Prussian Amber resin, Madagascar Vanilla, Nepalese Spikenard, Somalian Opopanax, Tunisian Liquidambar, Himalayan Cedar, and Honduran Styrax.

Released: Super Naturals Collection


2 thoughts on “Ambre Extrait”

  1. Spiced but not quite spicy, and aromatic in a way that’s reminiscent of lavender or mint out of the vial, Ambre Extrait is a different beast entirely from the house’s usual white ambers. The projection is more buttery than the masstone, masking the sharper edge from the oudh. The drydown is coolly vanillic, all mildly sweet and translucent resins dry enough to resemble the paper or woods I’ve so often seen it compared to.

  2. This sounds bizarre given the notes, but Ambre Extrait smells like antique wooden furniture. It’s lovely. Very woody and dry. There are subtle hints of the rest of the notes listed (namely butter and smoky beeswax). This is a masterpiece, in my opinion.

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