Ambre Gris

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A rare blend of proprietary perfumery ingredients carefully oxidized by sunlight, sand, air, sea salt, water, and ocean minerals. The result is as changeable and morphing as the ocean… earthy, sweet, musky, saline.

4 thoughts on “Ambre Gris”

  1. a mineral-y clean water scent – not bleach-clean but toeing the line between smelling like a clear still pond and smelling like that vaguely soapy warm water scent that lingers on your skin after you take a hot shower or bath

  2. I’ve been longing for a good ambergris for ages, and was terribly disappointed by all the “aquatic” scents that just smelled like hotel soap or Lemon Pledge. This is perfect. Sweet, salty, fresh without being soapy. This reminds me of being in Nantucket, walking along the streets and seeing the homes of old whaling captains. I just wish it came in an ultime.

  3. I absolutely adore this perfume. It reminds me of carefree days. It takes me to Florida, just getting back from the beach, about to shower off the salt & seaweed. Not normally a fan of fresh, soapy scents.. this however became a staple in my collection. I just don’t have anything like it, it’s truly unique, and captures the ocean 🌊

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