Amour Conjure

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: An erotic, exotic blend of amber aged with Bourbon vanilla pods, Ceylon cinnamon infused flirtatious aldehydes, Bulgarian roses, rose geranium and vetivert roots, copper distilled patchouli, and a scattering of incense resins.

Released: The Vieux Carré Collection



4 thoughts on “Amour Conjure”

  1. I am surprised at the negative reviews here. I am not an old lady and for me Amour Conjure is one of the best perfumes from Alkemia. I clearly smell amber and cinnamon. Moreover, the wonderful scent lingers around me for a long time. I first ordered a small bottle, but loved it so much that I quickly ordered a large bottle of perfume oil. Very happy with it!

  2. I’m so disappointed in Alkemia. I was expecting better, but they reeled me in with the fancy descriptions. Just a heads up, ANY of their perfumes that have incense notes, frankincense, or patchouli are going to smell like your typical head shop fragrances. If you don’t want to smell like a cheap head shop, don’t buy their incense perfumes.

  3. Definitely an “old lady” perfume-y scent, which is not my thing. The roses are just too powdery for me. I didn’t get any vanilla at all and just a hint of the spices.

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