Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: An intoxicating blend of deep eastern spices warmed with creamy vanilla & drops of golden frankincense.


5 thoughts on “Aphrodesia”

  1. A lot of Alkemia’s scents sadly go very soapy on me. This one smells like a spiced soap shop with incense burning in the background

  2. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Firstly, there’s something dusty about this. Maybe even a little bit dank–you’re in the basement of an antique store. It teeters on the edge of powdery. This is a scent I would want to have mysteriously hug me, and slowly blend with my own scent. I would not go full on EDP with this–oil would be perfect amount of sillage.
    I wouldn’t say this is NOT sweet–but it’s hard to pinpoint. The tonka and vanilla must be contributing to that dry sweetness. The frankincense is present, for sure.
    I love this personally–dusty scents are some of my favorites, and theres something very mysterious-crumbling-letter-written-in-swirling-Copperplate-fluttering-out-of-a-book quality about this.

  3. It’s very frankincense-heavy, much more so than the description leads you to believe. It’s exotic and spicy.

  4. I don’t quite know how to describe this, but I know that I am not a fan of it. I can mostly smell the frankincense and the vanilla, the latter of which is very creamy. It smells like a dusty antique store.

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