Attar Al Oudh

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: An exotic incense-wood blend of Agarwood/Oud, musks, white sandalwood, ambergris, and dry golden amber. Mysterious. Ancient.

2 thoughts on “Attar Al Oudh”

  1. When applied to the crook of my elbow, the scent reads as literally just oudh; less sharp than in other Alkemias, and softened, sweetened, warmed further by the musk (and time), but oudh nonetheless. On my wrists, however, the other listed notes become noticeable; lightly sweet and resinous amber, tangy ambergris, and a backdrop of dry and aromatic sandalwood, which reads much lighter than the oudh.

  2. Smells like an ancient classic – not in a bad way at all. Huge avid lover of incense – and I hangout with sage and Palo.. this is a nice musky antique feel. Reminds me of a chest with old photos and simpler times.

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