Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Autumn leaves; maple wood; wild morel fungi; silver birch tar; slightly soapy wood musk; crushed hayscent ferns; autumn crocus saffron; dry golden amber; dried oakmosses; and a touch of vetiver root.

7 thoughts on “Autumnalis”

  1. This one is faint, and disappears within an hour or two. But it’s the best, most realistic fall smell on me. It starts out mostly hiking trail and maple syrup, and turns into ferns, sappy bark, and dry leaves.

    Boyfriend says it’s just very faint, and that he smells maple syrup.

  2. Creamy, a touch spicy, a little sweet. It does smell a little bit like fancy soap. Overall, though, it’s a really pleasant cohesive outdoorsy blend, I can’t pick out the individual notes. If you like this you’s also like Cocoa Pink’s Autumn Splendor.

  3. Maple!!!! This was exciting – I opened it up, and got maple without having to check the notes. The “soapy wood musk” makes it smell a little candle-like. It’s very much like you scrubbed up with a white bar of soap, and now you’re going for a stroll in the sunny woods kind of scent. it smells a bit like how plaid flannel looks. I like it. It’s not very complicated, but I appreciate some things being straightforwards.

  4. I did not get any soap with this. Instead I got a warm, sappy maple with crisp autumn air and leaves. There is only a tiny hit of sweetness from the maple leaves. This is gorgeous and I plan on getting a full size for fall! It would be perfect for pumpkin patch exploration.

  5. I found this one super soapy and very unisex. It has a outdoorsy, “gold”, nature feel. Imagine a green scent but based on Autumn, when everything is gold and brown. I was hoping for a bit more warmth from it so it wasn’t my favorite, but I think people who enjoy clean, fresh scents would be into it. I got average longevity and throw from this one (2-3 hours).

  6. Autumnal spices, leaves, and a lot of soap. At first I thought it was too soapy for me, but I find it really comforting and calming, plus there’s nothing wrong with a little soapiness. My only complaint with it is that it’s quite fleeting. It became very close to the skin after about an hour, but I grew to love it so much during that time.

  7. Golden hour on a late September hike. This is a little spicy and a little sweet. The wood musk is a little soapy, but not in a bad way by any stretch. I wouldn’t call it that if the notes didn’t prompt the thought. The amber is dark and lovely. Longevity was not great for me – very faded at 3.5 hours, gone by 5 hours.

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