Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: The essence of an untamed spirit. High bush blueberries, wild ivy, Spanish lavender, aged oakmoss, tonka, decaying bark, and forest fungi.

4 thoughts on “Bacchante”

  1. I thought I didn’t like “green” scents until I tried this. Baccante’s blueberry comes in strong– almost like a blueberry candy, which I don’t know if such a thing really exists. It’s at first unpleasant, then it softens into a dark and green (but still fruity) forest. It feels like a late summer or early autumn afternoon, walking barefoot.

  2. Smells like a very light summer forest, not heavy or overbearing at all. Clean and beautiful. Then the blueberry comes in and it smells realistic and not sweet or cloying. I’m so glad I got a full size bottle of this for summer! This would be beautiful in the fall as well. Longevity is about 2-3 hours on me and it has a decent throw.

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