Big Sur

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Jasmine tea infused with an oceanic Pacific coast road trip ecstasy of lime leaves, magnolia, green amber, ozone, sea salt, saltspray rose, sweetgale, bay, and paperbark.

Released: The Wanderer’s Journal Collection

5 thoughts on “Big Sur”

  1. Smells like a generic masculine aquatic with a hint of pine/conifers. Reminds me of walking through the Macy’s fragrance calender.

  2. This seemed much more masculine than I was hoping when I originally ordered it. Overall a nice scent, and the person I regifted it to loves it.

  3. This smells like a bubbly, sour citrus, cream soda. It evokes seafoam, so it’s perfect for feeling like a mermaid. I find that the cologne smell (thankfully, to me) was strongest in the bottle, was slightly there when wet, and died out completely at the drydown. It was also less cologney after resting for a couple days after shipment. All in all, not my thing personally, but if you want to smell like a mermaid, I’d recommend this one!

  4. this smells like… a slightly classier axe body spray? i don’t know how else to explain it. it seems like a slightly more grown-up version of a teenage boy body spray. i think that if someone probably liked axe body spray in high school (no shame – i did, too), they would likely like this.

  5. Davidoff Cool Water, is that you???????? This is a sparkly aquatic with green and citrus notes. It’s very bright, very unisex, and very wearable.

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