Black Magic Woman

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A sinfully decadent enchantment of devil’s foodcake accord drizzled with dark caramel and sexy kiss of blackberry brandy and black plum incense on an seductive bed of dark amber and sweet labdanum sprinkled with black rose petals.

5 thoughts on “Black Magic Woman”

  1. Sad. All I got was tootsie rolls and booze. It was too sickeningly sweet on me as well. I had to wash off.

  2. This isn’t the perfume if you want a straight gourmand. I get a sharp, boozy, liquor note right away, with a deeply dark dusty dark chocolate. NO TOOTSIE ROLLS!! Thanks goodness. Every other chocolate note turns to tootsie rolls on me. This is a beautiful scent, but it’s not a musky warm richness as much as a spiked, boozy, burning-in-the-back-of-throat intoxication. I love it, but wish it lasted longer on my skin.

  3. On initial application the fruity incense in this was soo cloying and overpowering that it made me sick to my stomach. To be fair I am not a huge fan of fruit scents, so that’s just a personal preference thing. The drydown is much nicer. Rich chocolate cake and plum with some sugary incense in the background. Very deep and sexy. I got great longevity on the plum/boozy notes but the chocolate faded more quickly. Throw on this scent was pretty strong for an indie. I try to use it sparingly because that opening is just so powerful!

  4. This smells so tasty! I put some in my dry shampoo and it makes my hair smell like boozy, syrupy blackberry cake with a hint of chocolate and incense.

  5. Black Magic Woman was cough syrup out of the vial, the thick, cloying, synthetic fruit-flavored kind. On the skin, it thankfully becomes this rich, boozy, chocolate cake and it’s glorious! I wish it stayed on my skin this way longer because this was my most favorite phase, but as it dried the cake settled into the background and it turned into what I could only describe as lush and dark, chocolate dipped roses. Amber comes in and it takes on some of the booziness from earlier. It stays this way for the duration of the wear. Honestly, I wish it stayed mostly chocolate cake.

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