Black Roses

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Voluptuous, midnight-black roses blended with precious black Arabian oud and black Indonesian musk.

3 thoughts on “Black Roses”

  1. I got this fragrance as a free sample in my most recent order, and I’m not sure if it’s just my nose or if I got a bad vial, but it smells like cat litter to me. Like the detergent smell of fresh cat litter, and not in a pleasant way. I was so sad because I was looking forward to a good rose scent.

  2. The oudh opens very sharply, almost medicinal, with the rose and musk barely detectable underneath as a softening edge. Black Roses remains dark even after mellowing into rich, musky rose, and rather resembles some of the vampier old-school department store perfumes in style.

  3. The roses are strong, personally I love roses so this is a good thing. This is really simple and it works really well. After hours the rose starts to fade and I get musk but not so much oud- it smells like the musk in Cozy Sweater at this point. It’s a simple scent but really nice

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