Blackberry Noir

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A deliciously dark trinity – black berries, black tea, black musk.


7 thoughts on “Blackberry Noir”

  1. A soft blackberry note that wears close to my skin. This lasts about an hour on me if that. I was glad I only went for the sample because this fades quickly. I wonder if Alkemia makes this scent in an Ultime? The Extrait disappears on me way too fast. I envy others that say this lasts and lasts on their skin. I wonder if skin chemistry can alter the longevity of scent on skin? I almost feel like my sample was a dud after reading what others had to say about Blackberry Noir.

  2. Fruity- fresh blackberries and blackberry wine – not long lasting or strong but its very pretty. Would be prfect for anyone who loves blackberry and doesn’t like overwhelming perfumes. Another sophisticated Alkemia perfume.

  3. Alkemia kills it with their tea scents. This fragrance has a dry, dark, blackberry note and astringent black tea, so it isn’t as sweet as it might sound. I think the description makes it sound girly and bright when in reality it’s pretty earthy and dark. The berry note did not last longer than an hour for me. The tea note sticks around a lot longer. Sillage was pretty close to the skin for me.

  4. Juicy, tart blackberry sharpened by the bitter, slightly fruity edge of blackest black tea, with a whiff of smoky dark musk like the lingering of hours faded incense. And hoo boy, the longevity is CRAZY — even on my super dry perfume-eating skin, it easily lasts all day and into the next morning. Just a teeny, tiny swipe through my hair will stay until I wash it out.

    This perfume screams sexy, sophisticated, and mysterious.

  5. This starts as a fresh blackberry scent, but after a few hours fades into a black tea & musk. It’s really lovely at both stages.

  6. Right away a blackberry wine note, this isn’t like a fresh blackberry scent, it’s more earthy and winey. Dries down to a musky wine that’s a little sweet, only slightly. I can still smell this one if i put my nose to arm hours later

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