Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Fresh English cucumbers, barely ripened figs, and cool ice tea. Languidly sensuous.

3 thoughts on “Dalliance”

  1. It starts very sweet, with the figs and sweet tea. After a few minutes it begins to get some bite– something crisp, and fresh and almost a little bitter coming in which I think is the English cucumber. After the first half an hour, the fig is gone and it’s all cucumber with a hint of iced black tea grounding it (the tea seems to have lost its sweetness at this point). When my wrist is away from my face a good foot or more, I get more of the tea and it has some bite, like the Ceylon tea my partner and I keep on hand.

    When I’m just catching a whiff and not really analyzing it, though, this one is just sorta syrupy-sweet with a bit of sweet fig and a bit of bitterness.

  2. Salted cucumber perfume – It’s all I smell right now on my skin and out of the bottle. I love cucumber but in the end this perfume is not for me. It’s a little strange and unique.. worth trying if you like cucumber and trying unusual perfumes.

  3. I get plenty of soft cucumber and pale tea. Not much fig, but there is sweetness to the scent that may come from the fig. Strangely enough, it actually somehow smells like Prada Infusion d’Iris, halfway between the EDT and EDP despite not having any iris. It has the same mildly sweet and powdery facets but is kind of foodie and (non-vegetal) green. That really does not do it justice though, because that description sounds lame. Think more along the lines of cooling, spa-like, and almost-edible. Seriously, even for someone like me who loves dark scents, Dalliance is one of those that goes above and beyond generic “summer fresh” perfumes. It’s also ridiculously potent- less is more or you will be tasting it.

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