Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: The simple beauty of an evening stroll on a warm June evening. Fresh honeysuckle blooming under a rising full moon, ivy vines, dew dampened grass, riverbed clay, old barnwood, and earthy vetivert root.


4 thoughts on “Desiderata”

  1. The ivy in this is overwhelmingly strong on me, and the whole thing is insanely soapy. I was hoping for a nice, realistic honeysuckle scent, but this was a scrubber.

  2. Desiderata is one of the very few green scents that work on me. It is quite fresh and crisp, with an excellent dewy and airy honeysuckle. It’s sweet but never cloying. Very organic smelling. I don’t pick up on much of the heavier notes which has made this a go-to perfume for those sticky and hot summer days when I want to smell nice without being overwhelming.

  3. Straight out of the bottle, it smelled a little sour and strong, but after 15 minutes I got more of the flowery scent that I was hoping to notice. There’s a very strong note of grass- like a lawn of freshly mown grass that has had the sprinklers go off on it. It’s sharp, crisp, and reminds me of a walk through a meadow. As time goes on, it fades more and more into a floral scent, and after hours it’s a lot smoother with mostly honeysuckle remaining. I actually really loved this scent! I felt that the grassy and flowery notes balanced well and made it multi-dimensional and delicious. Getting to smell the different levels of each note and experience them changing through the day was also a plus.

  4. This is a very atmospheric scent. It vividly brings to mind quiet summer nights. It’s similar to Lilac & Moss’ Mossflower, which I also liked, but the dirt is less literal. It’s very earthy, fresh & planty, with sweet honeysuckle. If you wished Gaea or Moss Maiden were a tiny bit more flowery, try this one. It’s really pretty.

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