Echoed Ecstasy

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A flirtatious piquance of wild strawberries, artemisia, night flowering datura, cardamon pods, raw ginger root, ginger flower, ripe melon, and white poppy.

2 thoughts on “Echoed Ecstasy”

  1. A huge new favorite… I smell fresh gingerale.. super uplifting, fresh and bubbly. Maybe reminds me more of a ginger champagne (if there’s such a thing), rather than cheap ginger ale pop. It also smells citrusy-like oranges? (I thought orange-soda at first sniff) but ginger takes the front seat for sure.

  2. you know the memes about lacroix, which is flavored carbonated water? “it smells like someone thinking about strawberry in the next room”? this perfume smells how i imagine strawberry lacroix would taste. i’m pretty sure it’s because the strawberry isn’t really fresh – it smells pretty artificial – and the ginger root gives it that weird spiciness that translates as “carbonated beverage.”

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