Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A bewitching conjuration of aphrodisiacs. An intoxication of amaretto liqueur spiked with cinnamon and citrus peel, star jasmine, accord of Cochleanthes amazonica orchid, mandorla amara, Bourbon vanilla caramels, guaiac wood, sweet vetiver root, and sexy botanical pheromones.

Released: Enchantments D’Amour

4 thoughts on “Enchantress”

  1. Amaretto, almond and cinnamon. This smells similar to Dr Pepper at first. It’s boozy, sweet and it’s one of Alkemias stronger blends. You needn’t apply too much, it lasts for a long time.

  2. Immediately upon application I can smell the scent of the amaretto but in about the first 3 minutes or so all I can smell is cinnamon. Unfortunately, I’m sensitive to this and cannot tolerate it on my skin. You know the way a Fireball candy burns your mouth? Well that’s how my skin feels when it makes contact with this oil after a few minutes. Turns my skin a bright red and burns like fire. This is my own fault for not reading the notes BEFORE I put this on! I didn’t realize there was cinnamon in this and out of the vial all I can smell is that luscious amaretto scent. It seems the cinnamon doesn’t come out until it interacts with my skin. Oh well, you live and you learn. *smacks forehead* Why did I not patch test first!?!? This is misery. Back to the oil… for the majority of the wear time, I amp straight up cinnamon and nothing else. When that eventually fades out I can smell the botanical pheromones that are special to Alkemia and maybe a hint of the bourbon vanilla caramels but not much else. ONLY If your skin tolerates cinnamon do I suggest that you try this perfume oil. Due to the bad skin reaction, it’s an easy pass for me.

  3. Smells like Michael’s mixed with a weird marzipan scent (I like marzipan in general though). Not for me.

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