Gateau des Rois/King Cake

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A small batch limited edition… delectably fresh King cake, chicory coffee, spilled Sazerac, Spanish moss, rusted iron, and Louisiana vetivert root.

Released: The Vieux Carré Collection

2 thoughts on “Gateau des Rois/King Cake”

  1. GdR is dense, golden, and sweet cake, with boozy-rummy notes. I can pick out flashes of vetiver and coffee, which complement the boozy cake well. No iron or moss to me, which is great as Alkemia’s versions of those notes usually hate me. I love GdR, which is highly unusual for me since most cake/sweet/foodie scents are usually boring or disgusting. I enjoy this one so much I am tempted to slather, though I would advise everyone not to as it is insanely potent. Less than a drop is enough for all-day wear with great throw.

  2. The only gourmand type scent I have ever loved. It truly starts off smelling strongly of King cake, but quickly becomes a spicy, musty, vetivert root. I really wish this wasn’t a limited edition scent.

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