Green Carnation

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A naughty philtre of carnations, dianthus, absinthe, green patchouli, and bay rum…

Released: The Decadents Collection

6 thoughts on “Green Carnation”

  1. I’m a sucker for a good carnation scent…sadly I’m allergic to something in this blend. It turns any skin it touches bright red and really burns.

  2. Beautiful.. very clean and bright. Definitely heavy carnation.. with a perfect balance of patch. Refreshing.. smells like just cutting the grass, windows open and a bouquet of carnations. Perfect.

    1. Update – it also can sway to a drydown of Palmolives bar soap? 🧼 possibly pregnancy hormones idk

  3. I actually don’t get a ton of carnation from this as other people do. It’s mostly patchouli, rum, absinthe, and some sort of clove-like note. The carnation is definitely in there, but this reads more warm woody-spiciness than green on me. I may need to test it again.

  4. I did not expect to like this, but it’s simply amazing. Richly textured carnations (with dewy green stems and leaves) and an underlying sweet spiciness. The entire composition is strong but still manages to be “fresh”, without being a stereotypical aquatic/grassy/white musk clone, and spicy without turning into Autumn. I don’t even know how all of the notes fit in, as it is so seamless. Later in the drydown, I sense more sweet rum and a hint of light patchouli, but they only serve to enhance the multifaceted carnation. Totally unisex, and wearable during the current heat, and I believe it is wearable in cool weather too. Amazing.

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