Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description:  A delicate meditation of jasmine pearl tea, white sandalwood, bamboo, and green tea buds illuminated by teaflower aldehydes.

5 thoughts on “Haiku”

  1. Wet, was a big blast of jasmine tea. But like, a deep musky jasmine. Dried down to more sandalwood and bamboo but the jasmine tea was still very present. Reminded me of a spa. Big throw and longevity. I quite liked this.

  2. Strong, narcotic jasmine that initially borders on indolic; the base of green tea and sandalwood keep the scent fresh, though they don’t become distinguishable until quite a while into wear, when they tamp the initial sweetness down to almost nothing. I don’t detect aldehydes at all; this is a crisp blend with little to no soapiness.

  3. On me, this blend was less “jasmine pearl tea” and more “jasmine and also there’s a cup of green tea nearby probably.” It gets more complex on the drydown but is still prominently jasmine–a very nice jasmine with very little indole, I’ll admit, but I was really hoping for more tea.

  4. This was very strongly jasmine on me. For several hours. Then the sandalwood came out and complemented the jasmine. The sandalwood was very nice and spicy, but I couldn’t handle the intensity of the jasmine. This is a bright, fresh scent, nice for spring or summer.

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