1 thought on “Alexandrite”

  1. In the bottle, this is overwhelmingly berry candy. Like a fruit roll-up or something. Super strong fruity. I get nothing else. On my skin, that’s how it starts. It’s a little tart in the way that BOO-Berry was on me. Almost getting a wild berry liqueur vibe now. After it settles, I smell something behind the berry. It’s not patchouli or incense, which I desperately want to smell. I honestly think it’s the oudh because it’s a bit like rotting wood. I’m usually a fan of oudh as a note since in my experience it gives other things a darker, spooky sort of vibe. I don’t know how I feel about it right now though. I’m missing the smoky-sweet incense quality that I think would help round this out. As it is, it feels discordant. There’s the tangy-sweet fruit smell. Then there’s this dank rotting scent. They aren’t blending for my nose unfortunately. I was super excited for this too! Southern Hospitali-tea shocked the hell out of me and made me hopeful for berries from Hex. When I saw all those berries plus oudh I was thinking we could be onto something major. So, this is a bit of a letdown. I don’t think it’s good enough on its own for me to want a full-size and every layering venture has left me thinking the other scent is better without it (I tried it with Spirit Temple, Planchette, and Strychnine). Sad pass.

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