3 thoughts on “Bisou”

  1. One of my favourites in my collection! It smells warm and sweet to me, in a coy way. I don’t get any powdery notes, it smells like my-skin-but-better almost.

  2. Heavy dose of violet candies in the bottle. It’s a youthful floral in my head, sweetened up with pure white sugar, which only adds to the vision. I’m not getting musk or anything I would consider “sexy” and I’m a bit surprised. The reviews have been all seduction and sophistication. This strikes me as rather innocent. Interesting. On my skin, I get a tiny little bit of the skin musk depth, but it’s really acting like a base, settling the sugar and violets onto my natural smell. The fragrance warms up with some time, giving me just the teensiest feeling of romance. I want to say there’s almost like a white leather (?!) note poking through. I mean like the super soft, supple calfskin leather that barely has a scent at all. Idk though. I’m disappointed. The dry down becomes like literal melted vanilla sugar on my skin, with the floral receding. It’s very sweet skin now, like I imagine a spun sugar person might smell, with the occasional violet waft reminding me it’s still there. This just isn’t me. To be clear, it’s beautiful. I like it; I picture myself liking it on someone else though. I might wear it to work because it feels like something other people would like and appreciate. I just don’t get any emotional reaction from it. I’m left with a feeling of artistic appreciation… and apathy. Not what I was hoping for!

  3. this is basically hexennacht’s version of bruise violet by sixteen92. waxy lipstick, powderiness from the violet and orris root, and a warm musky base. not something i really see myself wearing much, but a pretty scent nonetheless.

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