2 thoughts on “Bois”

  1. Wow, just wow. Boris really does give the impression of light wood (plywood, lumber, sawdust) reminiscent of HomeDepot/Lowe’s lumber aisles. After the initial application, Bois is a tad sharp and takes a little time to settle down on my skin, about 30 minutes give or take. It’s definitely got a masculine vibe to it at this point. Once Bois has time to settle, it morphs from sharp to feminine…softer and slightly creamy (I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking but I smell Sandalwood here and there). Bois smells like the lumber aisle with the slightest touch of something perfumey. Not floral, just something “more”. Bois would be great to layer with so many things for a light wood note. I agree with Alexis though, Bois is actually really good on it’s own. Bois has impressive longevity on me. At the 5 hour mark, it’s settled and lost the sharpness but it’s still very much detectable in the crook of my arms. This was a surprise hit for me, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Bois as much as I do!

  2. I pulled the trigger on this one because Caroline mentioned that people who liked Needful Things should check it out. She was correct (who’s surprised?). It has the same sort of encasing woody vibe that NT gave me, but this one is lighter wood where I would call that one aged, dark wood. It does such a good job of translating the smell of the lumber aisles at Lowe’s/ Home Depot onto my skin. I am completely into it. It’s been great for days when I want to smell super good and not like “my skin but better”… but also not like identifiable perfume, if that makes sense. It gives me a powerful feeling, slightly masculine in energy. I like that. It’s also a good layering element, adding playful woodiness to whatever I want to pair it with. I’m amused that I typically just want to wear it alone though, because I am a certified layering addict most days. This one is simple and yet still does it for me on its own. I can’t give it much of a better compliment. Another yes!

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