2 thoughts on “Chocolat Blanc”

  1. Upon application on my skin I smell the nuttiness of the cocoa butter and it’s beautiful. Then my skin chemistry ruins this…something goes plastic and artificial (it has to be the milk solids). Finally in the last stage of this scent the sugar comes out to play. This lasted about 4 or so hours on my scent eating skin. It smelled a lot better and lasted way longer on my clothes. I highly suggest giving this one a try. Just beware if you have issues with milk/cream notes.

  2. Yoooo, I am blown away and immediately drooling as soon as I crack the seal on this. WOW. It’s so rich and sweet and creamy, but not in a scary milk note way. It’s smooth personified. And to my utter delight, it stays true on my skin. I never put much thought into how white chocolate smells tbh. I like my chocolate dark typically. I mean I’ve HAD white chocolate but sniffing this is like experiencing eating it for the first time. You know how when you eat something scrumptious, it’s an inextricable sensory combination between taste and smell and texture? That’s what’s happening here. It’s all up in my face engaging my senses, and I am so very okay with it! It reminds me of opening the wrapper on one of those Hershey’s cookies and cream bars and then letting it melt on my tongue so just the little cookie balls are left (and now I want one of those very badly too). My gut reaction is that I want this immediately. I don’t know if I need it based on what I currently own foodie-wise, but I have an intense desire. The dry down becomes more simplistic, but it retains its smooth sugary greatness all the way through. This is GOOD, you guys! I might even wear it alone. Like hot damn. I’m a sucker for alternates to vanilla for base sweetness and this scratches that itch precisely. Body oil or perfume, I’m down. Love!

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