2 thoughts on “Cuir”

  1. I feel like I need to give a little backstory to adequately write this review: Leather and I have had a rocky relationship. I unequivocally love leather boots and jackets, both in smell and vibe. I grew up in Colorado and often reveled in the heady scent of tack and saddles. I went into indie perfumes assuming leather would be an obvious yes. I was so wrong. I’ve had many a heartbreak over leather notes over the years and I’m now cautious whenever it’s listed. Hex’s Whip (leather and sweet cream) was one of those, an absolute disaster on me. So, I’m a little gun shy to put this on. I ordered it because I’m nearing the end of the house’s catalog and I decided trying everything from one that agrees with me so much is essential to my scent journey. In the bottle, it’s straightforward leather. It reads distinctly brown to me, which I like. There’s no artificiality that can come with patent varieties and it has a softness to it, like it’s been broken in and loved. As it hits my skin, I am filled with relief and joy. It doesn’t amp or morph. It’s supple and warm, delightfully realistic. I’m embraced by those fond memories of my past. I wonder if the suede note here is the same as in Vice, which also works beautifully on me. The dry down only gets better and better, cuddling into my skin and becoming my very own leather scent. Spectacular. This is a fabulous option as a soli-note. I could get some real mileage out of it discovering what combinations work since it’s an isolated leather that I know for certain does. It shocked the hell out of me. I fully expected this to be a flop. Instead, it’s given me some hope. Awesome.

  2. Holy leather cat woman! This is stronnnnnnng. Putting my sample near other perfumes starts to transfer leather to everything. Smells just like walking into a tack shop minus the wood. Hello stockyards, where’s my cowboy hat at?

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