2 thoughts on “Dark Shadows”

  1. This captures the essence of Dark Shadows and distills it. It smells like the stately Collinwood Mansion – the tobacco and spices and sandalwood making me think of wooden banisters and ballustrades, of heavy, creaking doors, of massive windows made for widows to longingly stare out of over churning waters. Everything comes together, but I’d say the tobacco and caramel are the strongest notes to me, but it’s not gourmand. Or maybe lightly gourmand? The caramel adds texture to the tobacco, a sweetness yes, but not cloying. It smells like memories of fuzzy sweaters and old books and well worn cushions. The benzoin is the funeral shroud tying all the scents together, or is it the spectre of Angelique Bouchard? The caramel and tobacco lead into the sandalwood and cardamom, the honey amber and vanilla rice milk adding a creaminess to the proceedings, the myrrh adding texture to the sandlwood like the caramel to the tobacco. I feel like I’m doing a terrible job doing this justice. Dark Shadows is one of my favorite shows of all time. I get a perfect cozy feeling when I watch it. It’s the feeling of a rainy day, a cup of tea, and black and white gothic drama flickering in my glasses. That’s what this blend brings, too. Total comfort. I need it in all the things.

  2. I wasn’t sure I would like Dark Shadows because I usually do not like incense in perfume and I was afraid the pipe tobacco would make me smell like an old man. As a child I always associated the smell of pipe tobacco with older men, lol.

    Boy, was I wrong! Dark Shadows is wonderful! I smell pipe tobacco, rice milk, cardamom and caramel mostly but they blend together so well.

    Dark Shadows smells similar to me to another favorite of mine, De Falsis Deis. Both have tobacco and caramel notes. D.S. has cardamom while De Falsis has black pepper. D. S. has vanilla rice milk and De Falsis has coconut milk. If you like De Falsis Deis you would probably like this.

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