3 thoughts on “Desert Rain”

  1. (This is Hexennacht, not Haus of Glois)
    This smells very rain-y in the bottle, like super extra aquatic fresh. I’m not sure what to think. It’s a little outside my comfort zone, but it isn’t bad either and I detect some depth in the background that has potential. Unfortunately, my skin amps the cedar on contact and I am sad. Cedar is not my favorite. I was hoping it would be a small component here. I’m getting a little sweetgrass, but not nearly enough to drown out the cedar. It’s reading like… a freshly cleaned cabin right now and I don’t want to smell like this. After maybe 15 minutes, we’re back in acceptable territory. The cedar has retreated to a place I can’t pick it out from (yay). Now I’m getting sweetgrass (love) with a soft floral and gentle aquatic. This is nice. It’s reminding me of a shampoo I owned years ago, all fresh and clean and unisex. I don’t think I would wear it as perfume though. I’m not engaged enough. It’s fine. It’s sort of pretty. It’s also not me. Next!

  2. This perfume oil is familiar to me…it reminds me of something I’ve smelled before although I can’t figure out what exactly it reminds me of. On my skin this starts out with something sour in the blend that I’m not a fan of. This mystery note disappears after the first ten to fifteen minutes of wear. This is a very interesting scent, it’s somewhat floral (but not your usual floral smell) yet somewhat clean and slightly aquatic. It seems to go back and forth as it develops on my skin. All of a sudden, it’s predominantly floral but, it’s a scent that I’m unfamiliar with. I dig it, it’s not the usual generic white floral smell that overpowers. It must be the cactus flower. This isn’t aggressive floral note, maybe it’s tempered by the other notes? This would be nice to wear in the warmer months. I enjoyed this but it’s not the type of scent that I usually gravitate towards. I’m unsure how much use I would get out of a FS bottle. I put this on a few hours after a shower last night around 9pm and it’s now the following morning around 6am and this perfume oil is still going strong although now it’s much more clean than floral. I liked every stage except the beginning when that strange sour note appears. Thankfully it doesn’t stick around for very long. Maybe it’s a body chemistry thing?

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