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  1. I just put on my treasured vintage Caron Bellodgia Eau de Cologne (circa 1986) and it has MASSIVE “doll head” in the top notes. Possibly why I fell in love with it at 24 and am still smitten these many years later. Not easy to find anymore (I paid a mint for the estate sale nearly-full EdC, a sealed bottle of 2003 EdP, and a sealed bottle of 2010 EdT). I think I get the most doll head from the ’86 EdC, which is identical to what I bought in Missoula, MT in Feb 1986 for $19.95 at a mom n’ pop drug store. No gourmand notes at all and no sweetness. Just doll heads and florals, mainly beautiful carnations. So glad others love this unusual note!

  2. Okay, so… I must give major props for this smelling like it’s supposed to smell. It instantly gives me an injection of nostalgia, like I’m a child again, playing with my well-loved and broken-in Barbies. I can smell that soft, supple rubber the doll is made of… and the varying synthetics that make up the clothes and accessories… and even the slick, flimsy cardboard boxes they come in when new. Being a perfume interpretation, it’s prettier than the real thing, with a bit of powdery polish, but it still 100% captures the essence. The florals come into play for me later in the wear, easing it into more recognizable perfume territory. It’s infinitely more wearable than Subspace, which is the other one that comes to mind because of the industrial materials. My question is why would you want to smell like this? It’s just… strange to me. I appreciate the artistry, but I in no way want to smell like a toy! As I’m glancing back over the notes in this, I’m surprised to see marshmallow and vanilla. I don’t really get sweetness from this, except maybe in the plasticky sense. Towards the end of wear, I suddenly get the vanilla completely, paired simply with rose. Interesting fade. I’m not a rose girl, so that cements this being something I can pass on. I’m glad I sniffed this either way, because it’s a scent journey in a bottle and now my curiosity is sated. So… yes, this is a successful blend but no, I don’t need it in my life. If it sounds like something for you, it’s a dead ringer for that specific scent, and you will not be disappointed.

  3. This smells EXACTLY like plastic baby doll head! Phenomenal! Blows Black Baccara New Doll out of the water. If you love the thought of a sweet heliotrope/play doh vibe you will not be disappointed. I adore this!

  4. Powdery, lightly sweet, synthetic, and innocent. Baby powder and play-doh with hints of plastic, rose, and something a little acidic.

    I love heliotrope. It’s one of my favorite notes. To me, it usually smells like powdery vanilla (and may have a hint of cherry or play-doh depending on the blend). However, the powder/play-doh combination in Doll Head doesn’t smell anything like heliotrope to me. It literally just smells like baby powder and play-doh. Lots and lots of play-doh. There are whispers of other notes way in the background, but really… this is almost all baby powder and play-doh. It’s a pretty damn strong scent too.

    This sounded perfect for me going by the notes, but I gotta say I absolutely hate it. Regardless of my feelings on it though… it is an accurate interpretation of the way a doll smells.

    HELLLL NO!!! Unsure of who I’d recommend this to based on how it smells to me.

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