2 thoughts on “Fleurs Blanches”

  1. Lots of white florals, of course. This nails that “flower petals” texture somehow? I get a very sweet sugared/honey aspect, a sexy bite of indole, and a tad of bitter fruityness that reminds me of guava. It’s a pretty powerful white floral, not for the faint of heart.

  2. Self-proclaimed floral hater here, sampling a pure white floral. Hold on to your hats (do people still say that?). It’s a little overbearing for me at first. There’re too many things assaulting my nose and vying for attention. I’m prepared to hate it. On my skin though, the jasmine becomes dominant with the rest playing supporting roles… and it’s kinda okay! It’s like the bold, extroverted cousin to Moonstone, which was one that weirdly grew on me despite it not being anywhere near my wheelhouse (because of the jasmine). This is much more traditional than I usually go for, but I can’t help acknowledging it anyway. It’s got an appreciable straightforwardness, yet it’s also a little unexpected in the execution. I enjoy the full wear too. The dry down gives me a fresh-cut flower smell that is so authentic and doesn’t once make me feel like sneezing. Then it goes just slightly sweet on my skin against the now barely-there florals, fading out gracefully. This is what floral perfume should do! I don’t think I’ve ever smelled one that made me question my stance on them before, so there’s that. I also don’t think I’ll upgrade it though (don’t quote me on this). I do think anyone who marginally likes florals should check it out though. It’s a pretty darn good one.

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