1 thought on “Noix de Coco”

  1. Yeah, I don’t like coconut. Can confirm. Mega oof. In the bottle, it’s everything I fear. Screaming cheap sunscreen and obnoxious, over-priced frozen drinks. I feel brave putting this on for testing. It’s the same on application. Way too much for me. The times I enjoy coconut are when it’s a small component or has something aggressive to stamp it down… so basically anywhere it could be missing and have the same scent (lol). Examples from Hex that I legitimately like: Nanaimo Bar (luscious, rich foodie notes paired with a gloriously mild, dried version) and Oogie Boogie (super complex, deep base notes, never once smell it). After about 30 minutes of settling, this is much more bearable. It’s starting to smell more like fresh coconut meat, as if I’ve just cracked one open, dumped the milk, and started huffing the inside. It’s not cloying and nauseating any more. With some more time, it develops a soft, almost buttery quality. I might call it a coconut crème now, which is sort of cool as it leans into gourmand. This is a moment of total relief. It’s still not something I would ever seek out, but this is, dare I say, pleasant? It’s a more grown-up coconut. I still don’t want it, but now I can appreciate it. Throughout the rest of the wear, I’m getting random whiffs of the coconut I don’t like from the beginning. It’s still there! I would recommend this to anyone who likes the note though. It’s probably a great version and just difficult for me to give appropriate feedback on. Easy pass.

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