2 thoughts on “Plumpkin”

  1. This goes on super sweet. I wasn’t sure how I felt, afraid it might be too sweet? It’s delicious, of course – the smell of the most perfect vanilla pudding, full-fat cream and cooked to light golden perfection on the stovetop, with a decadently creamy pumpkin pie filling swirled in. I don’t get a strong aroma of the pastry – it’s there but underneath the sweet vanilla and pumpkin pie punch. Then, after a few moments, my chemistry amps up the spice factor. Intense cinnamon and clove and maybe a touch of nutmeg? Really yummy and I’m glad for it as overly sweet blends tend to give me a headache and turn my stomach. The sweetness is there, but tempered by the spice; I get more of that creamy quality from the notes.

  2. On first application I got cinnamon roll which is lovely. As it dried it started to bring out more of the pumpkin pastry along with the warm cinnamon roll icing. It’s smells absolutely delicious and at the same time sophisticated. I feel like a fancy lady at a nice bakery in Manhattan.

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