3 thoughts on “Plumpkin”

  1. I’m a fan of this on first sniff. It has a great cinnamon spice blend that isn’t overpowering. The “cream” pudding worries me, as it did when I read the description initially. Creamy scents are finicky on my skin. It smells okay though. It’s like the smell of vanilla custard to me… Mostly vanilla, but in an egg-y way? I don’t think this one will “curdle”, if you know what I mean. I’m psyched to finally do a side-by-side review with Samhain, which is precisely why I pulled the trigger on this one. My first instinct is that Samhain will retain the crown. This has some promise, but the creaminess could go awry, and I suspect that I’ll miss the luscious honey drizzle. On my skin, it doesn’t morph much from the bottle. I still dig the spice; I’m still not sold on the cream. It doesn’t go bad, which I’m thankful for (!), and It’s doing a great job tempering the spiciness. I’m shocked to report that I get more of a cinnamon punch from Samhain though! Plumpkin has the warning, so that’s unexpected. Plumpkin also feels cold to me, like it’s muted somehow, whereas Samhain is loud and proud with incredible warmth. So, I was right; Samhain still wins. It’s firmly ensconced in my all-time gourmand hall of fame. I would say if you prefer creamy, cold, soft, or muted gourmands, get Plumpkin. That feels like a weird recommendation since it warns of cinnamon, but that was my experience. I’m destashing this one.

  2. This goes on super sweet. I wasn’t sure how I felt, afraid it might be too sweet? It’s delicious, of course – the smell of the most perfect vanilla pudding, full-fat cream and cooked to light golden perfection on the stovetop, with a decadently creamy pumpkin pie filling swirled in. I don’t get a strong aroma of the pastry – it’s there but underneath the sweet vanilla and pumpkin pie punch. Then, after a few moments, my chemistry amps up the spice factor. Intense cinnamon and clove and maybe a touch of nutmeg? Really yummy and I’m glad for it as overly sweet blends tend to give me a headache and turn my stomach. The sweetness is there, but tempered by the spice; I get more of that creamy quality from the notes.

  3. On first application I got cinnamon roll which is lovely. As it dried it started to bring out more of the pumpkin pastry along with the warm cinnamon roll icing. It’s smells absolutely delicious and at the same time sophisticated. I feel like a fancy lady at a nice bakery in Manhattan.

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