4 thoughts on “Poivre Vanille”

  1. I wanted more spices/pepper notes in this perfume. It was soft vanilla with a smattering of pepper. D&F’s Decomposing Roses has more pepper if you’re looking for something stronger.

  2. I wish this was stronger! It reminds me of one of my very first perfumes, points for nostalgia. It’s peppery in all the right ways, and the vanilla dances perfectly with that spiciness. Very easy to wear, and I feel like you’d use up your rollerball as quickly as I used mine 🙂

  3. Whoa, this one engages my senses as soon as it hits me. There’s a lot going on in the bottle and I’m having to concentrate to pick out individual pieces. When I put it on, I get sweetness at the get-go, but it’s quickly joined by a pepper-y and woodsy foil. There’s nothing dusty about it! I’m thrilled with that. Pink peppercorn as a note is exciting me with possibility now. I can feel the amber grounding this and giving it resiny depth, but it’s subdued. There’s just a breath of clove rounding out the pepper spices. I was a little worried about the “conifers”, but I don’t really detect anything tree-y in this. It’s spicy-sweet woods with softened resin. It’s… rather nice. I can’t compare it to anything else. Maybe a complex version of Vanilla Clove? It’s far superior to my nose. As I go back to sniff it as it dries down, I sometimes get a hit of vanilla and sometimes a hit of spices and wood. Towards the middle/ end, it’s vanilla and amber with some spices hanging about. Very, very interesting. I like it. It has neat transitions and then the final dry down is almost straight vanilla. It has tremendous staying power too. This is a body oil candidate for sure. I love blends that have a lot of aspects to build from in different directions. This is perfect for that. The longevity is just a bonus. Love.

  4. A spicy vanilla, very feminine! It’s just slight off to the left of a plain vanilla – enough to keep your attention.

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