Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: black sage, california sagebrush, golden amber, dark amber, white amber, white cedar, palo santo, sweetgrass, cedar, sandalwood, Egyptian musk, frankincense, myrrh, dark patchouli, saffron, vetiver, agarwood, smoldering incense.

1 thought on “Prehnite”

  1. Oh my… there’s so much going on here and it is EVERYTHING I hoped it might be and more. I can finally, unequivocally say that I smell like a tree and I like it! I’ve been let down time and time again by outdoorsy blends because the dreaded pine rears its ugly head and kills my nose. I hate the astringency of it. It reminds me of household cleaner. It doesn’t smell like what outside actually smells like to me. I’ve long accepted that I don’t get to smell like a nymph (as much as I want to). I’ve now determined that was a lie! Prehnite is what outside ACTUALLY smells like. It’s woodsy and tree-y and branch-y and bush-y, in every single authentic and majestic way. I can’t even do it justice by words. I’m in love. I can pick out the sage and palo santo. It’s like it captures all the states of these smells too, from dry to burning to ash. There’s a soothing, contemplative quality to the whole blend from them that’s to-die-for. I can isolate the witchy patchouli and herbs too if I concentrate. I don’t even want to pick it part though. The conglomeration is perfect. This is a living testament to the elevation of Caroline’s art over the past year. I’m again emotional over a fragrance and I can’t think of any better compliment. I’m finally a tree!!! Side note: Baltic Amber is the only thing I’ve successfully layered with this, and it is gorgeous, but honestly this one needs no additions. Take that from a shameless layering fool.

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