3 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis”

  1. Well, the name couldn’t be any more appropriate. I immediately want to curl up in a mountain of pillows and blankets and drift off to sweet dreams as soon as I sniff the bottle. I love that the violet is staying in the background playing a supporting role. I don’t get any powdery smell. And that chamomile is killer! So effortlessly calming. Such a lovely and unusual color to the oil too. I’m strongly considering it as my new sleep scent… and then it hits my skin and is suddenly blaring! I have no idea how it got so strong. When I sniff it on me, it literally tickles my nose. I would be quick to peg it as lavender overload, but it doesn’t feel floral, more medicinal. Maybe it’s the valerian? So, while it still has an overall calming effect, I would have to use it minimally (and I’m terrible at that). Later in the wear, it fades back to tolerable levels but the violet pokes through and it’s a little powdery now, which is less appealing. I’m disappointed. This would probably work for me as a spray that I could dust my bed with, but my skin doesn’t like it as much as my nose does. Sad pass.

  2. This makes me think of Titania asking, “What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?” There’s nothing like Hex lavender. It smells just like being in a field of it in the summer. The violet is bright and vibrant. The chamomille is very relaxing. It smells like nodding off in a garden – lush florals with a little something else – is it the summer heat or did someone slip me some valerian root? Spolier alert: someone slipped you some valerian root. Ultimately this isn’t something I plan on wearing out and about but it’s going in my rotation of cozy smells to fall asleep to. If you’re a floral fan you must try it. I’m slowly becoming a floral fan myself, and this a really food bridge to becoming a full-on fan. As it wears it becomes a fresh, clean sort of summery scent on my skin, equal parts cool breeze and flower bouquet.

  3. Let’s just start off by saying the obvious and most important part here…this perfume is BLUE! That alone is the coolest thing ever, but on top of that, this is without a doubt the prettiest and most wearable lavendar scent in the Hex catalog. It’s light and sweet and really does invoke a sense of total relaxation. In my top 10 favorite.

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