1 thought on “Sucre”

  1. This smells so weird in the bottle, sort of a thin chemical smell. I have no idea. It’s not sweet. I’m a little nervous. It has a little of that remaining when I get it on skin but is improved. I get a slight sweetness now. I guess it smells like sugar… like the white granulated sugar I bake with, but not a fresh bag. The problem is that smell quickly becomes faint in real life. So, it follows that a recreation of it would be too. I’m not into this one at the start at all. After it settles for several minutes, the chemical impression is gone (phew). It’s really, really, really faint sweet. I can’t decide if my skin is eating it or if it’s just that weak. I was not prepared for this! After about 30 minutes, it smells like sugar recognizably. It’s a searing white sugar, faithfully represented. It’s now middle ground on strength. After a couple hours, this is suddenly revitalized and gorgeous. I have no words for the difference between this scent and the beginning stages. Now it smells like real sugar crystals sparkling in the sun like jewels, almost liquid in its smooth profile against my skin. It’s clear and present. This was a peculiar journey. I don’t know if I can put the start aside to stick around and enjoy the finish. But wow, this ending is superb. I’m bewildered.

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