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  1. Ooh yeah, black tea. This makes up for the fails of Crowley and Hyrule Castle. I know it says plain black tea but something about this comes across as perfumed on my skin and I really like it. I was worried that The Noir would be too sharp and tannic on my skin without the addition of any sugar or cream notes but it’s just beautiful on it’s own. I’d probably get the most use out of this to add a black tea note to my other perfume oils. The Noir is worthy of a FS bottle for sure. My only gripe is that I wish that I would have sampled this sooner, I was missing out. I really didn’t get more than a whiff of sweet tea in Southern Hospitali-tea but with the addition of The Noir to it, I bet it would be outstanding. I have so many oils that would benefit from the additional note of black tea. This is in my top 3 black tea perfume oils for sure. With some time and experimentations it may yet rise to the #1 spot.

    1. I forgot to add that I get a solid 6-7 hours of wear from The Noir. That’s impressive considering my skin gobbles up most perfume oils. This one just keeps growing on me the more I use it. Not too weak and not too acrid, The Noir is black tea perfection.

  2. Yeah, it’s black tea. This is a steadfast representation of the smell of plain black tea leaves, both in the bottle and on skin. It has a nice calm herbal feel, so it occurs to me that it could be classified as a sleep scent. It’s an interesting experiment to sniff this without any cream or sugar, since that’s the common theme for tea perfume. I feel like I’m in an olfactory alchemist’s shop smelling a component they work with. My impression is very much that this isn’t a finished product though. It’s not bad; it’s also not doing anything for me. I need it as an aspect within something else, for sure. Now I know. I’m not even sure I would have much use for this as a layering note, if I’m being honest. I’m worried I would need a lot of it to make its presence known, so I’d rather just buy a tea blend that a professional has concocted. Easy pass. If you specifically want to smell like black tea and nothing else, this is it. Your search is over.

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