1 thought on “Where My Uggs At?”

  1. I just finished knitting a hat with untreated wool the same day I got this sample. When I splurge and get the real stuff, I always sniff the skein before winding, then enjoy the lanolin smell and feel in my fingertips. I immediately recognized that smell right off the bat when I opened the dram and applied it, with a hint of pumpkin spice underneath. It’s very fall. I’m immediately taken to a pumpkin patch, in a chunky knit cowl on an overcast October day, travel mug in one fist. The coffee has an earthy quality that plays with the earthiness of the shearling note. Overall I get more shearling than PSL, but that’s not a complaint. With this and Aziraphale, Hex has made me a believer in wool perfumes. I’ve tried other houses’ blends with wool and haven’t cared for them. This is like a warm embrace on a cool day from a hot guy in a cables fisherman’s sweater, the taste of PSL on your lips from the kiss you just shared.

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