2 thoughts on “Where My Uggs At?”

  1. In the bottle, this is Basic Bitch with the smell of wool. That’s what it’s supposed to be, so points for that. I’m pretty sure I don’t need the wool though… Basic Bitch for life! I’m already a big fan of that one, so I suspected going in that this would be a hard sell. On my skin, it changes significantly and in the weirdest way! The wool aspect comes front and center, so now I feel like I’m smelling a sweater that I wore while making pumpkin pie. Where did the coffee go?? I’m surprised by the strength of the shearling on me too. It’s not strong in the bottle at all. And bizarrely, the wool is also the note that stays throughout the wear. I get less and less spice and it literally smells like a fuzzy holiday sweater that’s been sweetened for some reason at the end. Why? So. Weird. I’ll stick to BB for my pumpkin spice coffee scent, thank you!

  2. I just finished knitting a hat with untreated wool the same day I got this sample. When I splurge and get the real stuff, I always sniff the skein before winding, then enjoy the lanolin smell and feel in my fingertips. I immediately recognized that smell right off the bat when I opened the dram and applied it, with a hint of pumpkin spice underneath. It’s very fall. I’m immediately taken to a pumpkin patch, in a chunky knit cowl on an overcast October day, travel mug in one fist. The coffee has an earthy quality that plays with the earthiness of the shearling note. Overall I get more shearling than PSL, but that’s not a complaint. With this and Aziraphale, Hex has made me a believer in wool perfumes. I’ve tried other houses’ blends with wool and haven’t cared for them. This is like a warm embrace on a cool day from a hot guy in a cables fisherman’s sweater, the taste of PSL on your lips from the kiss you just shared.

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