1 thought on “Yule-O-Ween”

  1. Oof. I am bewildered by my first impression here. It’s overwhelming and strong in the bottle. I get a sort of gingerbread-y spice at first and then am walloped by ultra-creamy, screaming eggnog and aggressive pumpkin. Everything is fighting for dominance. I don’t know if I can hang. On my skin, the eggnog is much less aggressive, and it’s sprinkled with a generous helping of spices that are yummy. In fact, the eggnog is only lending a creaminess to the whole thing. I’m pleased by this turn of events. There’s only a suggestion of pumpkin too. This is shockingly close to a gingersnap perfume now, which is something I’ve been searching for, for years… Interesting. It could use a little more sweetness, for the traditional granulated sugar baked on top of the cookies. I’m coming around on it though. I’ll mark this as a high maybe and think on it when the winter scents become available again. Could be my holiday body oil.

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