Honeycakes for Harvest Moon

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Freshly baked honeycakes, autumn beeswax, gleanings from ripened grainfields, and newly harvested fruits lightly spiced with nutmeg, ginger, and golden cloves.

5 thoughts on “Honeycakes for Harvest Moon”

  1. In the vial it’s way too sweet, but on my skin there’s an almost smoky aspect to the spices. And while the honeycakes and beeswax are definitely there, they’re more background on me. The spices are the star. This is really cozy.

  2. God, this is beautiful. Autumnal spices, grains, and a bit of fruit. It’s primarily spices on me, and it’s incredibly autumnal. Love this.

  3. I have no clue how to truly describe this. My boyfriend and I smelled it on me after it dried, and the words that came up were cinnamon, incense, honey, and old cornbread. It’s weirdly stinky.

  4. 5/10 Honeycakes for harvest moon – Initially smells like salty, savoury gingerbread with a drop of honey in a room heavy with spicy, exotic incense. Dries down to smell like a spicy, savoury fruitcake being baked in a medieval kitchen. Smells like something out of the 1001 nights. Much more salty than sweet although there is a drop of honey there. An interesting and unusual scent that smells slightly festive. Reminds me of autumn or winter. Cosy and comforting but too salty for me to wear as a perfume. A big part of me really, really likes this scent but I won’t get the full size.

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